5 ways to Manage Generation Z in the Workplace

First off, generation Z or the so called Millennial’s represent the workforce generation born between mid-1990 – 2012

Raised in a digital world and with a liking for internet, technology, freedom, and establishing social connections, these group are known to absorb information much quicker than the X and Y generation.

They are an eager lot, ready to learn and lead in contributing ideas in meetings. In the workplace, generation Z constitutes about 58% of the current workforce and come 2020, this number is set to grow to above the 50% mark.

Therefore, company managers and executives have no time nor choice, but to conjure new tactics to manage the current potent workforce.
This is How to Successfully Managing the Generation Z Workforce:
1. Use More Personalized communication Style:

As opposed to generation X and Y who are accustomed to letters, email, and other forms of impersonal communication, Generation Z prefer face to face communication or text communication; they want more attention and are more receptive to feedback; being heard is important to them.
2. Allow them to Think and Work on their Own:

Being socialized by technology, generation Z have developed free and independent thinking capacities.So for them to work effectively, you will need to adjust from the traditional way of giving orders, to teaching them how to proactively think on their own and troubleshoot organization problems.

You will also note that this generation doesn’t value the 9 -5 work schedule, so developing a flex work schedule would be more appropriate.

3. Encourage Feedback! Feedback! :

Nurturing generation Z in the workplace requires maintaining a good balance between; allowing them the freedom to learn from their own mistakes and communicating to them how to integrating lessons learned from their mistakes.
4. Provide Growth Opportunities: Most generation Z will search elsewhere for a job if there are no opportunities for personal and professional growth.

To sort this out companies through HR, should support employee training development and performance management. And don’t forget to schedule quarterly or yearly meetings with them to help define their career paths and goals.

5. Know what Millennial are looking For:

Though perceived different in different countries, millennial’s have a common bearing of wanting to make a lasting impact in the organization.

They don’t want to only get paid for showing up, but favor receiving salary perks for their work efforts.
In conclusion, proper managing Generation Z is possible and easy if companies use follow some of the above tips.Embedding technology into company operations and better recruitment tactics that tap into company values and ambitions is the way to attract this generation.


Published by Emmanuel Asena

Versatile, passionate about God, and keen on providing practical education, inspiration and information to create a better society is at heart . A graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Public relations and Mass communication.

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