Gracefully BROKEN

What cannot be broken cannot be made

Gracefully Broken

creative_cute-love-wallpapers-downloadPicture courtesy of google.

I took some time to think about my first blog this year…

I entered 2019 with a grateful heart. We survived 2018’s tide’s that brought about frustrations, pain, bitterness, unaccomplished goals etc. But we overcame it all. It’s a blessing, right?

I thought of starting this post by explaining why my blog is called Gracefully broken.

I believe we are all broken. something or someone broke us, loss of a loved one, an ugly breakup, rejection, frustration etc. But mine is a kind of different Broken. let me explain.

I believe that for me to reach the level I am at, God had to break me.

Stay with me.

You see, no matter how much God loves us, no matter what He wants to do for us or how earnestly He seeks to bless us, He cannot do anything with a person who closes his…

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