Choose to Push Beyond Circumstance

In life, the hardest path is chosen by few individuals who are no God, but receive godlike status once successful. The easy path on the other side is always open and flooded with people of great potential and drive for success, but least aware of the power and resources they have to succeed. Those who walk by the hard path do so not merely because of special ability or status, but because of the will to work towards the future they see: Therefore, regardless of the path you are in, you can still achieve your goals and ambitions. Read this short but true story.

For months, he sat by the computer, tapping his fingers to the new tune of his book “Pushing to the front”. After twelve months, he couldn’t believe it when he finally held his eight hundred page book in his hand; now as an author, ready for the readers. Though in awe, he couldn’t hide the fact that he was tired from the sleepless nights of writing. So, he decided to sit down and unwind at a nearby Cafeteria. Little did he know of what was about to happen.

While relaxing at his cafe, his house caught fire and his 800 page book among other valuable belongings got burnt down. Staring at disappointment, he decided to push on ; and gathered his will to write the book afresh. He rewrote the book for one year and tried to publish it; he was unsuccessful.

Consequently, he decided to proceed to Chicago in search of a new job opportunity. Fortunately,the goddess of luck was with him as he successfully got an office job. During this period with the company, he shared with one of his colleague on his long term struggle to  publish his book. Luck was on his side as his friend knew a publisher who could publish the book. He contacted the publisher and eventually the book got published. To Orison Swett Marden’s surprise, it became a best seller.

Therefore as a human beings, we can achieve a lot in the face of disappointment. We also must be strong enough to admit our limitations and that is why it is worthy to note and understand Albert Einstein’s quote that says “A Man Can Do What He wants, but not what He Wants”.


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