I have problems like you, many of which I can’t seem to solve. Every time I try to solve them they keep reoccurring. It’s kind of like dejavu.For a moment they’ve disappeared, but wait, I can see them again. Look at them as they lay await for meat the cordoned corner of vulnerability, where I’m weak. I can’t wait for them. Let me run away to a far place, where safety is hopeful and trouble is far.

Puff! there appears another problem. Oo..My God! My adrenaline is up again. Damn! I want to run again, but I just can’t seem to do it this time round, for my legs are heavier; I am much older, much wiser. So I decide this time round, instead of running away from my problems, I will run through them as an athlete running to cross the finishing line.

I have now come to  realize that problems are not permanent, nor are they for anyone else but me, for I am their master.They always come to me for they know I will settle them.So come in problems one by one. I will settle you personally. And don’t close the door please for success awaits to walk in.

Today I will not shut the door to problems for I have realized that success is  to comfortably abode in problems.


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