The Best Value of Being a Coward

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something you wanted to do because of a combination of fear, procrastination and lack of courage? If you have then you qualify to read this monograph/ article because you have at least been a part- time coward. Before you read on, you should know that I am also a coward, but a selective one per se; the kind of coward who chooses his battles carefully in terms of what to fear and what to fear not.I guess we are more similar than I thought.

Recalling my yesteryear’s of trepidation,I used to be this kind of coward who would wake up every early morning,to go to work in a bag pack full of fear; Fear of job dismissal. Nonetheless,I also was an ambitious lad as in a span of four years,I favorably managed to work for two companies and after all the hard work and achievement got sacked. This was a reckoning moment for me as I found myself standing on the crossroads of shear depression and an inward desire to live on and succeed. I pushed myself to pick on the latter and search for a new job; and fortunately l landed a management job that I really fancied succeeding in.

Having sipped the bitter taste of retrenchment,I said this time round,I will not be dismissed. “The Indispensable employee” is the title I chose for myself as I was going to work so hard to avoid the dismissal axe. Hence,I tried my very best to fulfill my work duties,though with bits and pieces of challenges as you know.In a few months’ time I had relatively mastered the new job requisite but still couldn’t shake off the stifling thoughts of being job dismissal.I dint know it then, but I had become a coward who worked out of fear, and not out of shear passion and ambition.

Therefore,the struggle to recant these thoughts of job anxiety continued the more I worked. Eventually as per the law of attraction, what I feared most now became a belated reality. I got sacked for the third time and this time around,I was sure that I was down and out of work for good.

Something good also happened. I was sacked from a company that wasn’t my own and sucked into a new company that I currently own.It’s an internet service provider company that provides services such as: Domain registration, website hosting services, Google apps services among many others. It’s been in existence since 2005 and doing well on the competitive radar, competing with the likes of Safaricom.

I will tell you as a fact that this is not my personal story, but the life story of a CEO who inspired me on one of my past internship experiences that wasn’t successful.

As I left the internship opportunity in displeasure, the CEO took it upon himself to leave me with this word about himself:

I am a coward………If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have clung to the three jobs in fear of being dismissed…… Being a coward is what pushed me to the edge till I could run my life the way I do now and operate my current business to the current success that you see”.

Thus, you may cower to many personal and professional challenges but sometimes cowering to fear may just be a step to discovering the man or woman that you really are and were meant to be in society.

Remember in today’s world, cowards live longer to fight their life battles while the brave die before the fight is over. Cowards also live long to retell the stories of foregone heroes. Therefore choose you moments of battle carefully, as the brave know when to cower, and the cowards live on to one day stand brave.


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