Learning to Regenerate Your Talent like the Salamander

In a rather unfamiliar television escapade this week, I decided to explore one of the animal channels to unwind and think of the next educational article up my sleeve.  True to that I came across one small and unique amphibian that inspired me with one unique quality that is fundamental in surviving today’s life as a career person; the salamander.

With over 700 varied world species to its name, and in all continents except Antarctica, the salamander is truly a unique animal that we can learn a lot from. Its appearance is lizard like and habitats in water. But one stark characteristic that separates it from other lizard types and newts is its ability to regenerate limbs and organs that had previously been cut off, or lost due to injury.

For instance, when a salamander loses its limb to a predator or in injury; its body cells adapt to the situation by quickly re-directing white cells to form around the affected wound thus immediately stopping it from bleeding to death; and within weeks, the lost limb start to reform back to its original state. This is practically impossible for human beings as once a human body loses a limb, it can never regenerate the lost limb back to its original state.

But according to Wale Akinyemi’s 2011 book “Help! My chocolate is melting” and Seth Godin’s 2010 book “Linchpin: are you the indispensable”, this is practically possible. How so?

When you don’t have the opportunity to fully express your unique talent in society, one tends to feel discouraged. It seems like you no longer have your “magic powers” or use for that part in yourself that makes you unique.

But according to Wale, this is the opportune time to learn how to make chocolate out of the cocoa situation. It is time to accept the situation you are in and use the ashes of the situation to find a way to regenerate that unique power that you once had. It is what Wale calls “Making cocoa out of a melting chocolate”.

Similarly, Seth Godin’s book  “Linchpin: are you indispensable”, spells  the road to becoming indispensable as not defined by how well you can use your exceptional God given ability to make something out of yourself. , but by how artistic you are in regenerating your unique talent amidst predominant situations like job loss, limited wok opportunities….etc.

As a graduate, being a linchpin equates to showing your artistic ability to display your unique talent in the society you are in amidst congestion of professionals in the same field. Godin confirms this as the key to staying abreast in the 21st century of heightened Job competition.

Personally, I have had to regenerate my talent a couple of times.  Like after clearing my Bachelor’s degree in communication in one of the local universities, I realize that I had lost one of my limbs; and that is the platform and ability to influence student blog readers through peer mentorship and counseling articles.

Now as a new graduate who is done with campus life, I had to find a way of doing what I used to do while in university but now in the outside world, hence began this educational blog. As an artist in your own feat, you must be determinded to recreate your own map and desist from following other people’s maps.

Therefore, whether you are in college/ university or not, don’t complain that there are no jobs. Find ways of regenerating your talent because in today’s world economy, being educated is not equals to getting a good job or a job at all. Your ability to regenerate your unique talent in whatever situation you are in is what will make or break you career wise.


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  1. Ladylizbizz says:

    Good job Emmanuel. I am proud of your blog initiative and you write well.
    Am glad you are regenerating your talents.
    Mrs. Muema


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