Education is Not the Only Key To Success; Faliure too is

Has anyone ever congratulated you for failing to accomplish a task or goal? I guess it’s because we are all pre-conditioned to associate failure with feelings of discontent. Maybe that’s why we all love our countries heroes because they are the prime image of success. But aren’t heroes successful failures per-se? How many heroes in your country do you know that never faltered on their way to honor? I am sure a few. Let us now look at how failure, just like education can equal success:

  1. Abraham Lincoln
    He can easily be referred to as the father of failure. Why? All stacks of life were just against him namely:
    • He was born into poverty
    • Lost his mother in 1818
    • Lost his job in 1832
    • Tried his luck in business twice and failed
    • Run for seven elective posts between 1832 and 1960 and failed.
    • Having generally fought and lost all battles of life, he figured, “what was there to lose if I try a shot at the presidency of United States of America? He therefore tried and successfully became America’s  16th president in 1860.
  2. George Crum
    Ladies should love this guy. He used to be a Chef at a resort in New York in 1953. One day while on duty, he received a complaint from a disgruntled customer who claimed that the French fries he was served was too thick, mushy and lacking salt. This angered Crum and as a form of payback, he decided to slice the potatoes into thin slices, frying them into burnt crisps and top it off with a pinch of salt. He served the customer and surprisingly the customer loved it. That’s how crisps were discovered.
  3. Pfizer Laboratory
    The above laboratory is famous/ infamous for the discovery of Viagra. It all started out in 1991 when a number of scientists under the guide of Ian Osterloh coincided to conduct trials on a test drug that would hopefully provide cure for high blood pressure patients. The tests conducted by the scientists on Sildenafil Citrate (the high pressure drug) revealed that the drug had minimal to no curative effect on high blood pressure patients. The drugs simply could not cure high blood pressure.But despite this, many high blood patients were not returning the drug to the chemists, but prescribing for more. Reason being that the drug side effects was solving another problem, that of erectile dysfunction. To cut the story short, the drug was subsequently improvement, rebranded and approved as the now known Viagra in March 27th 1998.

So in life, how do you define failure? Is it an unfulfilled goal, lack of basic necessities, loss of Job, failure at a project or loss of hope? Because from what I know, in business failure is defined and seen as customer feedback, in medicine it is a basis for further research, in communication and PR, it is an opportunity to re- position and rebrand and in religion it is a precondition for success and hope in life. Therefore don’t fear failure because failure narrows in on the path to success and increases your breadth to maintain it. Good Day.


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