Choosing A College/ University: What you need to know?

I recently sat down to listen to a distressing conversation in the media on the gap between job requirements for employers and current graduates credentials in the Kenyan job market. Listening in, one of the panel of employers said that the major problem employers of today are facing is the increased number of half-baked and incompatible professionals across the board. More and more companies are now being forced to bear the cost of re-training graduates to meet the job market demands.

As a believer in taking personal responsibility in decision making, I wish to assess what you as a student need to know to ensure that your current course meets the job requirements of the 21st Century?

Before enrolling for a course in a college or university here are a few things that you need to know. These include:

1. Is the college officially registered to offer the courses it offers?

As a prospective university student, it is imperative to not only check on the academic reputation of the institution, college ranking or how many graduates of their institution get good jobs but to compare the general skills that the institution provides with the current job market requirements. This information is nowadays available thanks to Google.

2. Is career counseling/coaching integrated into their student enrollment process or is the college just interested in your money?

Fresh college students hardly pay attention to this and this comes to bite back once you graduate as some do not know how to assert their talent after school.

3. How business savvy is the course you plan to enroll for?

Please confirm that your course has some units that touch on the business part of your career. Remember, no employer wants to hire someone who lacks the financial literacy to handle money. You will also need the financial knowledge when you decide to start your own business.

4. What is their examination body?

From experience, each course in university has its own locally accredited examination body or professional body. Do yourself a favor by also checking on this as some students have ended up graduating with result slips that are not locally accepted.


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