Finding Out What You Want to Be in Life

Do you remember when we were kids? Our parents usually liked to ask us this question: What do you want to be in life? It seemed a little bit early to ask this question, but they asked it anyway. A Doctor, Pilot, Teacher,Engineer Footballer, lawyers are a sum bit of the lucrative answers that came through. Not mentioning the always looming teachers and doctors strikes of this day and age, these answers seemed acceptable because of their relative association with success and basic role models in society.

Sadly through this association, there has emerged a group of people that society has adamantly stigmatized and relentlessly closed its ears to. Im am not talking about the Gay community phew!! It’s about a lot, both of educated, uneducated, jobless graduates and working individuals who are multi-talented, resourceful and overly creative, yet struggle to be accepted in society. Reason? because these individuals were born normal, but miss one fibre in their mind. That is the intellectual ability to know what they want to be in life.

In the past, I have met a lot of successful people in Entrepreneurship, Public relations, Media fraternity among other professions who actually don’t know who they want to be in life, but are afraid to admit it because of the stigma and perceived embarrassment associated with the state.

Probably this can be justified by a case where I witnessed a person being verbally casted out by one of my friends for not knowing who they want to be in life.

Another first class honors graduate also shared with  me her frustration of not knowing who she wants to be in life. But this was after some relentless effort to get her to accepting her status. Though silent, this number is on the rise especially within colleges and universities.

At this juncture I pose a question to you: How many people out there have you shunned for not knowing who they want to be in life. Are these people really that inhuman or abnormal to lack the intellectual ability to steer their lives towards a certain career path?

Five years ago, I disclosed to my parents that I dint know what I wanted to be in life. You don’t want to know the kind of looks I got. It seemed like I had successfully managed to destroy their lives and consequently,enough to remit myself to hell Their future prospects of me looked destroyed.

I remember my mum asking me: “You mean that I have wasted my money on you? ”.Yes! That is what she said and it is at that moment that I realized things had changed. It was no longer about me, but about the wasted resources. My life purpose came under thorough scrutiny.The only thing I could do at that moment was to gather the little shred of confidence left in me and try to convince her that I still have what it takes to make it in life and importantly career wise. It wasn’t easy but after a bit of talking ,she reinstated her confidence in me and guided me to findinng a course that I would like to succeed in.

I now excel in what I do and have no regrets . Currently, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and Mass communication and with writing jobs eminent, a successful future is only imminent.

They say there is a time for everything ,a time to question and a time to answer, a time to find your career and a time to excel in it. I believe it is high time for our Kenyan society to get over the past of according respect and acceptance to individuals on the basis of their ability to choose a career path. Let’s all step into the digital world of possibilities, where a talented individual can be guided  to pursue a course that fits his/her criteria and excel in it.

If You Want To Help Someone Find His Destined Career Path This Is What You Need To Do:

Firstly, know what interests him/her. Does he/she like: sports, business, literature history, mathematics, computer and so on. If you can’t find out these seek help from professional career advisors, peer counselors or a mature person trusted by the individual.

Secondly, check out the level of confidence of the person because career frustration might have a crept into his head. Through encouragement and confidence, an affected person undergoing a bad experience of being looked down upon or disrespected will come out and paint a true picture of what he wants to be in life.

Thirdly, do not force them to choose a course or career that they dont want; exercise patience.

Lastly, always take time to follow up on the person to see his progression. See whether his view of his career choice has changed and provide practical guidance to solve the challenges.

Therefore, for the person out there who is not sure who he wants to be or do in life,  you are not alone. Rick Warren book “Purpose driven life” is clear that, God has a purpose in you life. It’s just a matter of time and persistence before you find your career path . And in case someone asks you why you are unable to choose a career path, tell them that it is not that you are unable to choose a career path, but that you are not limited to one career choice, but potentially talented in multiple career paths. Enjoy!


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