Blossom Where You Are Planted

 For most individuals pursuing a college or university education, choosing a course is the most exciting prospect of university life, while graduating with a first class honors is the ultimate goal. But that said, there is  still a growth  number of students struggling to get to the graduation list. Reason being, they are not sure they were meant to pursue the respective courses they are in. That is why I am writing this article.

When I first enrolled in university in 2010, I was looking for a university that would unleash my potential. This is because all through my secondary level education, I always found it difficult to choose a career path that I would simply enjoy succeeding in.

So when I cleared my form four I decided to look for a course and institution that, in my view would assist me in unleashing my potential. I tried in lots of universities before enrolling for a Bachelor in Mass communication at St. Paul’s university.

In my first year at university, I started out well, and always passed my exams. After some time I started struggling with some of the units. This is because, though the course seemed good, I was not so sure that some of the units would fit my profile. It’s during this uncertain time that I came across one lecturer who would eventually turn this situation around.

She taught a unit in leadership and was very vibrant, always encouraging us to do the very best we can in everything. She loved to step up to life’s challenges, regardless of how different they were from her personality. That is why she taught in six different universities. Her famous quote was: “Blossom where you are planted”.

According to her, most university students spend a lot of time blaming learning institutions, themselves, including other people for not getting what they want in university and in life generally. What they fail to realize is that life gives a chance to only those people who are determined to blossom wherever they are planted.

She believed that, every student/ person can succeed in whichever course/goal he or she is pursuing irrespective of the challenges. As she put it, education is an asset only to those who choose to learn from it and use it for the future.

Consequently, she gave us difficult assignments, always expecting us to pass. Surprisingly, because of the high expectations, I always found myself passing. This prompted me to finally decide to give up all my fear of uncertainties to God and focus my energies on the challenges at hand, irrespective of which direction they came from. And at the end of 2012, I found myself adding an additional major in Public relations (PR) because I realized that education is not all about focusing on the course you want to do, but challenging yourself to a course that will help improve your expertise for the future.

In that sense, her words liberated me from the old way of thinking where a graduate teacher would automatically get a teaching job, a business graduate would become a businessman and so on and so forth. I stepped into the digital world of possibilities where: a former theatre lover and lawyer could  become a television anchor – Julie Gishuru, a hotelier would become a former Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Internal Security- Joseph Olelenku, a primary school teacher would become Kenya’s second president – Daniel Arap Moi;The list is endless.

Therefore, if you still doubt whether you are supposes to be in that classroom, course, or life situation I have only one thing to say to you, “Blossom where you are planted”. Education and experience is never a waste of time as it helps in creative expression and personal growth. Thus, if you believe that pursuing a certain course or job will help your find your niche in life, don’t limit yourself, go ahead persevere and do it. Get the experience and use it to traverse new and existing territories because just like success, becoming educated is never a destination, but a checkpoint in life. Good day.


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