5 ways to Manage Generation Z in the Workplace

First off, generation Z or the so called Millennial’s represent the workforce generation born between mid-1990 – 2002

Raised in a digital world and with a liking for internet, technology, freedom, and establishing social connections, these group are known to absorb information much quicker than the X and Y generation.

They are an eager lot, ready to learn and lead in contributing ideas in meetings. In the workplace, generation Z constitutes about 58% of the current workforce and come 2020, this number is set to grow to above the 50% mark.

Therefore, company managers and executives have no time nor choice, but to conjure new tactics to manage the current potent workforce.
This is How to Successfully Managing the Generation Z Workforce:
1. Use More Personalized communication Style:

As opposed to generation X and Y who are accustomed to letters, email, and other forms of impersonal communication, Generation Z prefer face to face communication or text communication; they want more attention and are more receptive to personalized feedback; being heard is important to them.
2. Allow them to Think and Work on their Own:

Being socialized by technology, generation Z have developed free and independent thinking capacities.So for them to work effectively, you will need to adjust from the traditional way of giving orders, to teaching them how to proactively think on their own and troubleshoot organization problems.

You will also note that this generation doesn’t value the 9 -5 work schedule, so developing a flex work schedule would be more appropriate.

3. Encourage Feedback! Feedback! :

Nurturing generation Z in the workplace requires maintaining a good balance between; allowing them the freedom to learn from their own mistakes and communicating to them how to integrating lessons learned from their mistakes.
4. Provide Growth Opportunities: Most generation Z will search elsewhere for a job if there are no opportunities for personal and professional growth.

To sort this out companies through HR, should support employee training development and performance management. And don’t forget to schedule quarterly or yearly meetings with them to help define their career paths and goals.

5. Know what Millennial are looking For:

Though perceived different in different countries, millennial’s have a common bearing of wanting to make a lasting impact in the organization.

They don’t want to only get paid for showing up, but favor receiving salary perks for their work efforts.
In conclusion, proper managing Generation Z is possible and easy if companies use follow some of the above tips.Embedding technology into company operations and better recruitment tactics that tap into company values and ambitions is the way to attract this generation.

3 Interruptions In Your Professional Life and What to Do About Them

Completing a day in the contemporary world of employment is an every minute everyday battle as our professional and personal life always  come on the edge of getting into a confrontation or possible diversion from a host of interruptions. Under siege is our workplans, goals, responsibilities and what have you. Every day we strive to create that perfect work life balance, but this doesn’t always fall in place as times and work challenges keep evolving. Thus, what can we do in such situations? Are there simple solutions at work that can make us gain more control of our work environment and not so much be victims of circumstances?

There are, but let’s first take a look at some of the timewasters:

1. Sundry Emails:

Emails might seem non-destructive at work as they are the basic form of communication in an organization, but receiving too many emails while out of work is a source of stress experienced by most managers and staff.Sorting the different emails and figuring out which email to respond to and which ones to ignore can really take a lot of time.

Such email menace usually happens when you come back either from work leave or from the Christmas holiday.


What you can do here is, if the emails are more than 30 it is best to ignore and delete. When you ignore or delete them what happens is if it was really that important the sender will eventually send a follow up email or call.

Think of it this way, when important news breaks, it reaches even to people who have no interest in the story and by that virtue if the email was really important you will hear people talk about it or will get a follow up email on the same. So don’t stress yourself over what might be.

2. Meetings

I know I am probably going to get a lot of verbal thrashing for listing this at the top of the timewasters but let’s be honest most meetings are not a cup of tea for most people. Why? They are the enemy of productivity. I don’t mean to be a pessimist but if you check out my list you will see my point:

First, meetings take too much effort to organize. This is even worse when it involves executives.

Meetings clearly interrupt the general workflow of a company.

The subject of meetings always ends up drifting and eating too much time on work time.

The goal of some meetings is usually not clear as agendas are vague.

There is always that one person who always takes the responsibility of wasting the time of others with too much questions or comments that shift the goal of the meeting.


What some savvy companies do to minimize the negative impact of meetings is, since meetings are a necessary evil they:

Adjust Operational rules: Company rules can be adjusted to allow colleagues not to talk to each other at certain hours (probably in the early morning hours) until a certain time. This gives ample time for proper organization and productivity to happen on a personal level and minimize destructions at the beginning of every workday.

Set up timers: Once the timer goes off the meeting is over and what has not been discussed is either pushed to the next meeting or discussed in other smaller groups. This brings forth order and effectiveness in meetings as ideas are communicated and concluded in timely and efficient way.

Manage Personnel: whenever there is a meeting its advisable to invite as few people as possible for the more the people involved in the meeting, the more the problems and more time taken to get things rolling.

Limit Agenda: meetings that have more than two or three agendas end up becoming discussions with no productive actions to back up the resolves.

Venue: meet where the problem is instead of in the conference room can assist in pointing out the actual problem. Sometimes also a change of scenery can offset tensions.

3. Launch of a New Product or Service

Sometimes the launch of new product can trigger tensions and interruptions as there are a lot of uncertainties as to whether the new product will be accepted by the public. There are also countless questions being thrown right left and centre disqualifying the product / service efficiency or effectiveness including questioning your decision to launch the product or service.

If this has ever happened to you at work then take my advice. You need to go ahead and launch the product or service. Just make sure you are confident that your product or service can at least offer the basic service it says it offers. After launching then go back and start dealing with the details or concerns.

As Jasen Fried in the book rework says:
“The longer it takes to develop or launch a product or service, the less likely it is likely to be launched…..infatuation with details leads to disagreements, meetings and delays that might cost you money or customers for that matter.”

If the product doesn’t achieve its desired outcome then you will just cut back on its investment as nothing is certain until it is put in the hands of the customers.
In conclusion, increasing work productivity in a company requires a melange of solutions that will involve stringent use of time at work and constant realignment of how we address workplace challenges.

Gracefully BROKEN

What cannot be broken cannot be made

Gracefully Broken

creative_cute-love-wallpapers-downloadPicture courtesy of google.

I took some time to think about my first blog this year…

I entered 2019 with a grateful heart. We survived 2018’s tide’s that brought about frustrations, pain, bitterness, unaccomplished goals etc. But we overcame it all. It’s a blessing, right?

I thought of starting this post by explaining why my blog is called Gracefully broken.

I believe we are all broken. something or someone broke us, loss of a loved one, an ugly breakup, rejection, frustration etc. But mine is a kind of different Broken. let me explain.

I believe that for me to reach the level I am at, God had to break me.

Stay with me.

You see, no matter how much God loves us, no matter what He wants to do for us or how earnestly He seeks to bless us, He cannot do anything with a person who closes his…

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A Money Personality to Match Your Chrismas Personality

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Giving, receiving, or both! What is your annual Christmas personality? Mine is both.

Regardless of the past Christmas celebrations everyone still wants to have a Christmas filled with lots of love, food and merry making.

But let’s face it, that hasn’t been the reality in the last months progressing to Christmas. Sometimes it was skipped lunch, debts stacking up your back, weekend hustles, just to mention but a few.Your mental and physical toughness was tested and at the end of it all its Christmas time again.

As you know, Christmas is Christmas, and what you have in your hand is what you have. There is also next year to think about.

Are you a Christmas over spender or under spender

If you are thinking of overspending for Christmas, then this is probably coming from your family, friends or own past emotional bank account or maybe from the blueprint of your money plan that clearly hasn’t worked for you.If it’s coming from your past emotional bank account then you probably know Natalie’s story.

As a kid, She used to dislike being around her parents because they were cheapskaters. Everything to her parents was too expensive to buy. They used to spend the least on buying items and eve time her dad came to pick her from school she was embarrassed because they would probably have to walk home instead of taking a taxi or a bus for that matter. When she asked for anything, they either didn’t have enough money to buy the best of it for her or were simply broke. A similar story even in Chrismas. She couldn’t belt all this longer because her father used to have a good stable job.

Consequently, when she got a stable job, she started making money and vowed to never be like her parents. Thus she spent her money and eyes on everything labelled high class and expensive. Name it, food, clothes, hotels, she was there. She became a parent and tried everything she could to give her kid what she missed all her early childhood life. It wasn’t long before she got into serious cash and credit card debt.

She thus decided to one day visit her parents to seek for help and found them doing the usual household errands. But something was different.They now looked more relaxed and healthier than ever. They were no longer working, but talking about taking trips to various places around the world. But her world was like a chronic disease, she needed help.

Since she didn’t have the guts to tell her parents of her financial situation; she just listened to them talk. It was from this that she realized that all her working life and years she focused on making and spending a lot of money on herself to prove to herself and the world that she was not cheap/broke like her parents. She had stacked up emotional resentment towards her parents because they lived simple, cheap lives that couldn’t sustain her wants.

This made her realize that this has to stop and that she has to change her ways for she was spending too much money on unimportant things and thus, created an unsustainable future lifestyle for herself not to mention created a wrong money mentality for her kid.

She now changed into the Below Money Mantra:

1: Deal with your emotions:

How your parents socialized you in regards to money, your childhood experience with money is how you deal with money now as an adult. If you don’t like the results of how you deal with money today then, find out where your negative money emotions came from and try to change them because they are responsible for your money habits and current financial status.

Secondly, learn to increase your emotional and trust capacity for handling people and problems because they determine how much you can earn. T. Harv Eker the author of “The Millionaire Mindset ” said :

“The more emotionally stable you are, the more problems you can handle, the more people you can handle, the more money you can handle, the more success you can handle”.

Income! Income! Income!

Create More Passive income source for youself. And remember, if you have an income source, it’s not about how much comes in to your account. It is what you do with what comes in to your account. Are you putting in the effort to making your money grow? It’s no longer enough to have money, but to create a system that supports you to become wealthy.


Look for ways to Save more working and passive income even if it means living below your means for some years. Remember, delayed gratification equals future satisfaction.

Invest your Money

Find a business, venture, stocks, bonds that generates money; Better small and safe investments than big and sorry investments. Money works better in circulation than in stagnation.


Create a lifestyle where you need less money to live on, decrease cost of living and save for both having fun and for investing. You will thank yourself in the future.

Now as I finish, it was refreshing when today I watched the same Natalie walk through her favourite mall with her kid. Her face has seen more happier and receptive days. She is looking at a very expensive dress. The dress no doubt looks good on her, but its seven thousand shillings. She has the money, but decides that she has more dresses at home. She steps out of the mall with her crying baby, gets home and proceeds to put her money on her Financial Freedom Account.

A year later, she is back to the same mall for a dress. Her eyes are fixated on an even more expensive and beautiful dress for 14 thousand shillings. She is happy because she can now afford the dress for Christmas. In addition, the money she now has is not coming from her Financial Freedom Account but from her Play account.

She has further sent her parents some little money from her play account for them to enjoy the holidays. She further feels no pressure from her previous debts incurred for she has learned over the years how to plan for her money better and has more control of her finances. Money is emotions. The more organized your emotional bag is the more money you can handle.

Through the Pimple’s

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Today I thank God for everything I have passed through and overcome in my life. I know sometimes I use curse words, but when I retreat to my bedroom at night, I close the door and thank God for everything he has got me through.

Listen! I am a church leader, a chair lady for that matter and what is required of me most weekends is to meet with lots of church people for choir practice and general meetings.

But I must admit, sometimes I just couldn’t get myself to attend some of the meetings, events, or choir practice because of my condition. I used to have a lot of pimples on my chicks that I previously thought were as a result of having the normal periods.

They started as small pimples but gradually developed into serious boils that made it extremely difficult for me sit or stand before people and sing solo or sometimes attend church meetings.

As I recall, I would organise for choir practice and meetings but not show up for them because of the discomfort of having the condition. I was apprehensive that the pimples and boils would start to ooze from my face and pop in front of the people. I also noticed that when I talked to my church friends and people in general, I would catch a good number of them staring at my strange pimpled cheeks with wondering eyes; asking themselves: what kind of disease does this girl have? She must be very sick; maybe we shouldn’t greet, hug, or establish any contact with her for her oozing pimples might be infectious. Call me the dotted girl.

Notwithstanding the church, at past job interviews I used to be confident and really present myself well but at times got a bad reception from interviewers because of how my face looked. I carried some tissue always to wipe my face in case pass starts to ooze from the pimples and boils. Unfortunately, sometimes they did so without my knowledge only to find out later how bad I looked when I got home. Some days were worse than others.

I remember it wasn’t always like this. There were good days.

Before the pimples and breakout situation, I used to have one of the smoothest skins, baby smooth, chocolate and without blemish.

Because of that I never used to apply any makeup. I never did and do. My friends and family were happy to be around me. I would attend all kinds of events and meetings without having to worry about who was looking at me and who wasn’t. No thought ever crept into my mind that I would have to go through this state of sadness.

But once the pimples started and developed into boils, I became troubled. Besides missing church, I also got discriminated even by some of my family members.

For instance, my blood kin once told me that it was now time for me to have my own basin, soap, cutlery to avoid sharing and infecting her with the ugliness.

Despite having the financial ability, my father also didn’t care enough to take my condition seriously as he always saw it as a simple condition of applying natural garlic and what have you remedy.This really hurt me psychologically and I tried everything to eliminate the pimples.

I tried traditional herbs, washing soap, including visiting various pastors to get cured. Nothing worked. All I could get was that I was cursed; and that the condition was passed genetically from my father to me.

My boyfriend once told me that he had issues staying with me because my condition is making his boys and friends uncomfortable. So I had to end the relationship with him because he valued his friendship above me. I have no regrets.
But God is awesome. He gave me a lot of strength to pass through all this and become a testimony to people of his goodness. Through the temptations, disappointment, discrimination and low self-esteem, I now am a testimony of what God can do.

He helped me in my search for a solution as one day In my random Facebook search I came across a clinic advertising that they eliminate conditions similar to mine. And since it was my only option, I tried the clinic and their medication worked. The pimples I had started drying up and vanished. I’m now looking and feeling better every day.
With time I know I will get my natural flawless skin back including my lost confidence. I now know with gladness who my friends are and more importantly who I am not (a prisoner of acne!).This is  the tales of an acne victor.

About Acne

Acne is a skin condition/disease characterised by inflammation of the skin that causes red, black or white spots or pimples on the: face, shoulders, back, neck, chest and upper arms. Acne types include whitehead, Blackhead, pimples, cysts and nodules.

Acne is caused when your skin pores become clogged as a result of producing too much sebum oil that combines with dead skin cells and present bacteria on the skin. The skin pores become susceptible to bacteria (propionibacterium) which get trapped inside the skin pores and multiply with time causing swelling and redness of the skin, hence the acne.

Ways of dealing with Acne

Maintain Cleanliness of affected area:

Ensure that you wash your face or affected part not more than twice a day and using a recommended acne cleanser that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. This elements speed up the drying and healing of the pimples.

Minimize the uptake of:

Dairy products, fast foods, peanut butter, Spicy foods as they have the ability to encourage your skin to produce more oil that clog the pores of your face and make the acne more severe.

Visit a Specialist for Professional Advice:whether mild or severe, acne comes in many forms and types and each form/type requires specific treatment that should only be prescribed by a qualified specialist.

Offer Support: do not judge any person that has acne. Greet and treat them the same as any other person as acne is not contagious via air or touch.

We are Living in the Matrix; A world Where Self Belief is Freedom

Image result for if tomorrow never comes AND the MAtrix movie

Despite being released in the 1990’s, the classic 1999 fiction movie “the Matrix” exudes fresh scent to living in the present world; The authors (the Wachowski brothers) and producer (Joel Silver) offer the ideal picture and conventional answer to the question what does it takes to survive today’s world? Here is how the storyline goes like:

The Matrix Story

The movie begins with Mr Thomas Anderson aka Neo a software engineer. At daytime he is an office worker, by night-time he is a computer engineer; you can also call him a computer hacker. One day he wakes up from a deep sleep at his desk to see a strange message on his computer. Someone by the name Morpheus has contacted him. The message reads what is the matrix?

He is intrigued. He proceeds to converse with Morpheus via the computer to find out the answer to this and is instructed to follow the rabbit hole. As he contemplates the meaning of the message on his computer, he hears a knock at the door. It is his friend asking for a music CD. He gives him the CD. Seeing how boring neo is, his friend invites him to a party. He declines but changes his mind a few seconds later after seeing the lady standing beside his friend with a rabbit tattoo which he remembers formed part of a message send by Morpheus to his computer. He follows her and while at the party meets a lady who convinces her to follow her to know what the matrix is.

When he follows her he finally gets to meet Morpheus the man who he was talking to via the computer. He is intrigued when Morpheus tells him that:

“I know you have spent a couple of years looking for me but I have spent my entire life looking for you…. I know you have always had the feeling that there is something wrong with the world but you couldn’t explain it… Neo, you were born in a prison… today you have an option, take the blue pill and the story ends here. You return to your normal life of regret, disbelief and commonness. Take the red pill and stay in wonderland and I’ll show you how dip the rabbit hole goes.

Neo takes the Red pill and with time he finds out that what the matrix is, a computer generated dream world built to keep us/you under control in order to change the human being into a battery a programmed machine of dependency.

It is a system comprising of, businessmen teachers, lawyers among many other small and big professionals who are not ready to be unplugged from the system. They are so dependent on the system that they would do anything to remain in the system… oblivious of what the real world is.

The only way out is to let go. Let go of your fear, doubt and disbelief. Stop being afraid of the future! ;What appears as reality is really perception.

Here are some of the lessons to pick form the Movie:

1.Reality is Perception

In the matrix movie, Neo take a chance to see what the real world is rather than stand on what he believes it could be. What he finds out is that it is the opposite of what he really thought it was.

For many years he thought that the world was about doing the possible, ordinary. But after his experience with Morpheus, his mind takes a complete shift. He finds out that by taking on new challenges you grow your belief and can literally push your mind into achieving the impossible. That regardless of the pace, stress and heartache of pushing boundaries, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Remember what Morpheus says to Neo ‘I can only show you the door, but it is up to you to open it’. So I think it’s time to open the door and stop staring at it man.

2.Learn Something New

The new world order of information has created new ways of thinking and application of information. It has created the need to relearn and practice new skill sets to stay relevant.

By learning something new, you improve on your confidence and execution and adaptability to new and common tasks.
3.Find Out If You Are Smart

Just like Neo, Smart people choose tasks/jobs and lives that challenge them. Thus, if you think you are not smart, then you will choose jobs/challenges that don’t dare you; you will thus become a possible achiever rather than an impossible achiever.

Lest you misunderstand me, I aspire for you and I to find the unique gifts we were called to bring to this world. The only way we can do this is by taking chances/opportunities that push us beyond our personal and familiar boundaries.

4.Not Everyone Is Meant For The Road Less Travelled

Once Neo and the other travellers took the red pill, they became aware that they could no longer go back to the safe and common world or thinking and doing.

Cypher (one of the travellers) after staying for some time in the new world started regretting why he took the red pill. He wished and tried everything possible to go back to the normal world where people live under the illusion of safety, comfort and sameness.

Thus, when you reach a place in life where you believe that there is more to achieve out there, then you start pushing the comfort zone. And once you enter the panic zone, people will reject you, laugh at you and say you are a failure. Don’t listen to them because they lack the courage, vision and are afraid of being lonely.

As long as you believe and can visualize the possibility of a better future than the one you are currently at, take action towards it and keep moving; crawl if you have to.

5. Know and Find your Tribe?

This is not about promoting ethnicity, but when Neo found Trinity (his tribe), he immediately felt connected to them. That’s because they were a group of people who saw the world differently as he did. Like him, they opposed living in the status quo life and always wanted to dare life.

So today I ask you, what is your tribe?

Is it a group of people who keep encouraging you to step forward towards your goals or not?

Is it a group that shares with you the belief that the mind has the power to change reality?

If so then congratulations! You have found the right tribe (your tribe).

6. Learn to leave the past where it belongs

What would you do if you were Neo? Finding out that what you thought you knew about life was a lie; that the foundation of your reality was all fallacy. It is terrifying.

From the way Neo reacted to this shows that when you truly begin to connect with yourself and realize that you are so much more that your life situation and what happened to you in the past; you begin to realize that the power of the mind is greater than that of the body. That you still have the power to make new choices and walk in the path you’ve always wanted to walk in.

As Neo showed during his training session, it takes times to get there. But once you gain momentum, you begin to push your body to break the false limits that the world had set for you; and that you set for yourself.

7. Choose the Red Pill

To those who have watched the matrix movie, the red pill refers to victory over Fear doubt and disbelief in self. To me, it represents Christ.

When you take on Christ, he brings you to a world of impossibilities where you can achieve the impossible; where impossible is possible, where normally the impossible things happens.

So the next time you hear someone/people say you can’t do it, tell them I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me; what is impossible with man is possible with God; when I am weak, he is strong. When I fear he walks me through it all.

Seeing Death Makes Life So Clear


Image result for shattered glasses

Yesterday I was ok,

Today I don’t know,

What’s wrong ?Give me a minute, I have got to figure it out.

Tomorrow I’m worse and suddenly I’m no more. Life is blink.
And once again my strength has failled to hold death out.
Hear this. Yesternight I heard strange footsteps  at my neighbours house. When i piped out the window , it was screams, of sorrow, a unique anxiety , still existent to every house.
I can’t believe it. Its death. Hes gone. How can this be possible? Wht happened? Gone too soon.We will miss you.

Now who will tell the future about you special? For I too am rushing through the death trap myself

I just hope death doesn’t catch me soon for I have lived with the regret of those who forgot what real living is and sadly died unconscious, untimely deaths

But lest I go, I am reminded that death is the beginning of living. And so  with Christ I will therefore always  resurrect, repent, and proclaim that there will be no more tears coming in the future, for our fathers footsteps are at a hear distance. Our father will defend us , death fall behind us and Christ reign above us.


Related image

At 4 years old I remember playing indoors at home. At the fourth floor is where we lived. My mum was around when I was playing, but was a little bit distracted to see me playing near the window. As I played close to the window, I lifted my eyes up the window and saw interesting things down the street. I decided to climb up the window to get a better view. I did so, but suddenly slipped. I fell down from the four storey building to the ground.

He is dead! That is what the paramedics at the ground floor hospital said when they rushed in to save me. My vital signs were down and unresponsive.

My mum couldn’t believe it. She wept but, somehow still garnered the courage to step close to my lifeless body and put her arms around me. She was a woman of Jesus. So she held me up in her arms and screamed the first time “Jesus”. I didn’t wake up. She looked at the sky and screamed for the second time “the Blood of Jesus”. Nothing happened. She screamed the blood of Jesus the third time and I moved. I moved. He is alive, my son is alive she glorified God.

The paramedics came in and rushed me to the Hospital at the ground floor and while there I was burning to talk to my mother. I wanted to tell her what I had seen. So after being stabilized and left alone with her I said “Mum I have to tell you something”. Mum told me to rest but I pestered her till she said okay tell me.

As I looked into her lovely eyes I said, “Mum when I fell from the four storey building I didn’t touch the ground. As I went to touch the ground someone with a big arm caught me. When he caught me, I was relieved. He put me down and started to walk away. As he did I remembered you telling me not to talk to strangers but I called out to the man and said “Excuse me sir, what is your name?” The man looked behind and said I am Jesus. From then on I have never forgotten what He did for me and that is why I sing and praise him with all I got. This is the Story Of the talented Christian and gospel music Artist Travis Green.

His story is a reminder that the God still has the power to save us from life’s situations and happenings.That no matter how many times you have fallen, you still can rise from the ashes because Jesus shed his blood for you.

That it is not by your strength, but by Gods power that you are able to stand after a fall. May you from today arise and shine the light of Christ, because unlike Allah, Buddha and all other gods, Jesus only has the power to resurrect and shepherd you from your own grave.

The God You Perceive Is the God You Receive

It never ceases to amaze me that one of the hallmarks of Gods behaviour is his ability to surprise us every day in the way he blesses people. To some he blesses abundantly while to others he blesses moderately.

We argue everyday upon the compelling question of why he doesn’t bless those who deserve to be blessed and gives to those who don’t.

But despite this, we still call him God. Why? Because he just like our parents loves us equally but doesn’t bless us equally. His reward system is based on our faithfulness to him.
Nonetheless, why does God not bless us the way we want or equally for that matter?

I can give you many reasons to make you feel unworthy of God’s Blessings but that will not help much.So instead, let us look at the way God Operates.

Parable of Talents
If you recall the parable of Talents story in the bible, the servant who made most of the assets given to him by his master was added more while the one who was too afraid to invest what he was given ended up losing even that which he had. Isn’t that how life works. I.e. if you are too afraid to make use of your talent/blessing you become obsolete and when you utilize your talent you get and become a blessing to yourself and others?

Isn’t it a fact that if you have 10 talents and use only one then you will get blessings from that one talent and not the ten talents you are sitting on?

This means God loves servants who multiply their talents/blessings. He also shows his displeasure in servants who are too afraid to make use of their talents as he rewards the one talent to the one who made the most of his/her talent.

Freedom of Perception

You have your view of God I have mine, and all of these views are permissible before God. If you perceive your God as rich, you will relate to him as a rich God.

If you perceive your God as poor, you will relate to him as a poor God.

The Rich God is faithful to give generously to his children who have sown in faith (Ecclesiastes 5:18:19.

He entrusts his stewards with an ever increasing portion of his goodness as they have proved themselves trustworthy in redistributing all things given to them by their master.

He doesn’t expect his/her servants to abandon wealth and money, but to show maturity in using it. He is a God of the Rich and Poor. He expects us not to demand for money for money is a product of blessings.

We thus are expected to multiply what he already has bestowed upon us for it to become or bore money/ wealth.

On the other hand, the Poor God gives you little or nothing and that is why anytime he blesses you, then you must carefully hold on to your blessing for as long as possible for you don’t know when next he will bless you; Kind of like the wicked servant in the parable of talents who was given one blessing.

The poor God demands that his slaves give him everything they have for he will become broke if his slaves stop giving him. He also encourages us to not seek wealth for wealth will separate us from him.

He has the kind of believers who believe in instant blessings. This is despite the fact that the only instant thing that happens in Gods kingdom is forgiveness of sins.

What am I trying to say? If you perceive your God as poor and wicked, you will have to live with the consequences.

However, if you perceive him as rich, loving forgiving providing etc., then you will live have to live with his abundant provision.

Value and worth of a Blessing

How much does it cost you to be a blessing to someone? 2nd Samuel 24:24 says I cannot present burnt offering to the lord my God that have cost me nothing.

Your blessing to people or God doesn’t have to thus be big or financially straining, but be of meaningful value to you.

In 1st King 17:10-12 we see Jesus asking the widow Zeraphath for bread knowing very well that it was the only  food left to feed her son.The widow offer Jesus water but Jesus insists on the bread.Upon releasing the bread to Jesus, she receives a miracle of unending food and water for man days.

Her blessing came from giving what was valuable to her (the bread) not the water.

Thus we should endeavour to give what is valuable to us and not look so much into what others are giving.

In Conclusion

God treats and blesses us all, but not with equal measure of blessings. He does this for us to:

1: Appreciate the value of each other
2: Understand what he values
3: Understand how he operates
4: Learn how to go higher; higher in our understanding of him; higher in success


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If you are a love song aficionado, then you definitely know Ronan Keating song, so help me sing:

If tomorrow never comes,would she know how much I loved her

That I tried in every way, to show her every day that she’s my only one.

Sorry for my background coarse voice but, I had to sing along with you because despite not being a love song fanatic this song reminds me of what life is and what it is made off; that I must live everyday like it was my last.

That the only money I got is time and I must spend it well to get more time. And that just like currency, time depreciates with time.

To All Who Matter To Me:

To God
If tomorrow never comes, would you know how much I love you

Would you remember that I refused the wider lane just to be with you?

That I refused to leave the church when people spat on me.

That I was left by people but you never left me

That I refused to have enemies because they were too expensive to maintain

That I have no real possession here on earth other than you

That I have been referred to people as cursed but you still bless me.

That I have suffered for nothing but lived for everything that is vanity

That I am a man of sin, and a child of God

To My Wife 

Would you remember …

How many times i loved you and Sad for you
How many planets I moved just to get to you
How many days I died and lived in the hands of Love
How many days I left when I was happy and stayed when I was sad
How many pairs of old shoes I wore just to get you new shoes
How many days I pretended I was deaf just to hear your soothe

To My Mom and Dad

Would you remember…..

The day I came into this world,
The days I died to live for you
The day you introduced me to God
The day you beat me so bad just to keep me alive
The day you noticed that I was different
The day I said I love you
The days that I disappointed you and you still called me your son, daughter
The day I was on my deathbed and you breathed love to me
The days that I worked hard just to be you

To My Siblings

Will you remember…..

How we fought everyday as children just to show you how much we loved each other
How much I wanted to be like you
How long I stayed without judging you
How many days I ran away from you only to realize that we were meant to be
How many days I have waited to see you happy

To My Friends
Would you remember that you are still my friend despite the silence?

That I never had a best friend
That I did everything I could to show you how important you are to me
That I’m no better than you
That I was never meant to be you
That sometimes I wanted to be you
That I had to die just to live new

To You

Did you Know..
That Jesus connects us to each other regardless of the distance

That you were born to breathe life to your fellow beings

That you will never be good enough for me, just great enough

That nobody owes you anything and that you own nothing in this world.

That I once showed you my weakness and that that’s how you knew were strong.

That I realized I can’t that is how you knew you can,

That I am me and that is how you know you aren’t me,

That I left and that how you know you were to come,

That you die everyday and that’s how you know you are living.

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