5 ways to Manage Generation Z in the Workplace

First off, generation Z or the so called Millennial’s represent the workforce generation born between mid-1990 – 2012 Raised in a digital world and with a liking for internet, technology, freedom, and establishing social connections, these group are known to absorb information much quicker than the X and Y generation. They are an eager lot, [...]

3 Interruptions In Your Professional Life and What to Do About Them

Completing a day in the contemporary world of employment is an every minute everyday battle as our professional and personal life always  come on the edge of getting into a confrontation or possible diversion from a host of interruptions. Under siege is our workplans, goals, responsibilities and what have you. Every day we strive to [...]

Gracefully BROKEN

What cannot be broken cannot be made

Gracefully Broken

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I took some time to think about my first blog this year…

I entered 2019 with a grateful heart. We survived 2018’s tide’s that brought about frustrations, pain, bitterness, unaccomplished goals etc. But we overcame it all. It’s a blessing, right?

I thought of starting this post by explaining why my blog is called Gracefully broken.

I believe we are all broken. something or someone broke us, loss of a loved one, an ugly breakup, rejection, frustration etc. But mine is a kind of different Broken. let me explain.

I believe that for me to reach the level I am at, God had to break me.

Stay with me.

You see, no matter how much God loves us, no matter what He wants to do for us or how earnestly He seeks to bless us, He cannot do anything with a person who closes his…

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A Money Personality to Match Your Chrismas Personality

Giving, receiving, or both! What is your annual Christmas personality? Mine is both. Regardless of the past Christmas celebrations everyone still wants to have a Christmas filled with lots of love, food and merry making. But let’s face it, that hasn't been the reality in the last months progressing to Christmas. Sometimes it was skipped [...]

We are Living in the Matrix; A world Where Self Belief is Freedom

Despite being released in the 1990’s, the classic 1999 fiction movie “the Matrix” exudes fresh scent to living in the present world; The authors (the Wachowski brothers) and producer (Joel Silver) offer the ideal picture and conventional answer to the question what does it takes to survive today’s world? Here is how the storyline goes [...]

Seeing Death Makes Life So Clear

  Yesterday I was ok, Today I don't know, What's wrong ?Give me a minute, I have got to figure it out. Tomorrow I'm worse and suddenly I'm no more. Life is blink. And once again my strength has failled to hold death out. Hear this. Yesternight I heard strange footsteps  at my neighbours house. [...]

The God You Perceive Is the God You Receive

It never ceases to amaze me that one of the hallmarks of Gods behaviour is his ability to surprise us every day in the way he blesses people. To some he blesses abundantly while to others he blesses moderately. We argue everyday upon the compelling question of why he doesn’t bless those who deserve to [...]

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